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The Directorate General for Audit of European Funds (hereinafter: DGAEF, Directorate General) was established on 1 July 2010 as an autonomously operating central budgetary organisation within the chapter of the ministry responsible for public finances. The organisation is headed by the Director General; the employees of the Directorate General are government officials. The main task of DGAEF is to act as the audit authority in Hungary for operational programmes and cooperation programmes financed from European Union funds, and to implement related audit activities. Furthermore, DGAEF also performs audit functions in relation to other international funds received by Hungary.

As the audit authority, DGAEF is functionally independent from the managing authority, the intermediate bodies, the certifying authority and no conflict of interest shall arise between beneficiaries and the staff of DGAEF. When planning its activity, selecting methods and drawing the conclusions on audits, the Directorate General acts independently, it compiles the reports on the findings, conclusions and recommendations free from outside influence.

Government decree No. 210/2010. (VI.30) provides the detailed rules on the legal status, organization, tasks and procedures of the Directorate General. The Organizational and Operational Rules of DGAEF are stated in Order of the Minister for National Economy No 3/2015. (II. 20.).



Introduction and mission statement

The mission of the Directorate General as the Hungarian Audit Authority for European Union funds is the following:

1.      cooperates  – within the defined framework – with the other members of the institutional system while observing its main responsibility to formulate its opinions INDEPENDENTLY and OBJECTIVELY;

2.      maintains an active partnership with the audit authorities of other member states in order to share and adopt the best practices.

3.      is in regular contact with the European Commission:

As an organisation/employer the Directorate General:

  1. demands the following of its staff of government officials :

The Directorate-General also carries out specific audit tasks related to other EU and international grants:

The tasks of Directorate General also include:

Legal framework

Major EU legislation

Key national legislation affecting the work of DGAEF:


Government decrees

European Commission Guidelines

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