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The Directorate General for Audit of European Funds (hereinafter: DGAEF, Directorate General) was established on 1 July 2010 as an autonomously operating central budgetary organisation within the chapter of the Ministry for National Economy. The organisation is headed by a Director General, the employees of the Directorate General are government officials. Its task is to carry out audit authority tasks regarding European Union and other international funds determined by the Government.

In terms of professional activity, the DGAEF is independent from the managing authority, the intermediate bodies, the certifying authority and from the beneficiaries. When planning its activity, selecting methods and implementing the programme, the Directorate General acts independently, it compiles the reports on the findings, conclusions and recommendations free from outside influence, for the content of which it bears responsibility.

Introduction and management mission statement

The mission of the Directorate General as national Audit Authority for European Union funds is the following:

1. demands the following:

2. provides the following:


The Directorate General performs audit tasks – determined by the European Commission and in case of non-European Union assistances defined in agreements with donor states – regarding the following assistances:

The following also belong to the tasks of the Directorate General: preparation and regular review of the audit strategy and annual plans, performing system audits and audits on operation, compilation of annual control reports and annual opinions, preparing annual summary and final reports and issuance of closure declarations.

Organisational chart of the Directorate General for Audit of European Funds




Director General:
Balázs DENCSŐ dr. (T: 06 1 795 2288; F: 06 1 795 0312; E: cllOVfDDJJUhjda3G1gYmFsYXpzLmRlbmNzb0BldXRhZi5nb3YuaHU=)

Deputy Director General, Director responsible for Audit of Infrastructural Programmes:
Katalin MAJOR (T: 06 1 795 2278; F: 06 1 795 0312; E: kTdutfxxzEDLlO3x20a2F0YWxpbi5tYWpvckBldXRhZi5nb3YuaHU=)

Director responsible for Strategy and Methodology:
Marianna MIKLÓS-MOLNÁR(T: 06 1 795 2288; F: 06 1 795 0312; E: viuXQEqbyGKlMsbfJ7mEOON5jbWFyaWFubmEubWlrbG9zLW1vbG5hckBldXRhZi5nb3YuaHU=)

Director responsible for Audit of Regional Programmes:
Zsolt ALBERT(T: 06 1 795 2278; F: 06 1 795 0312; E: jLtlAmC9NNxNkYGMIenNvbHQuYWxiZXJ0QGV1dGFmLmdvdi5odQ==)

Director responsible for Audit of Economic Development and Other European Programmes:
Attila MATLAG (T: 06 1 795 2295; F: 06 1 795 0312; E: VTbfJSfIFMIcwwzsR9TBhANO5jYYXR0aWxhLm1hdGxhZ0BldXRhZi5nb3YuaHU=)

Director responsible for Audit of Social, Public Administration and Implementation Programmes:
Mária MÁTYÁS(T: 06 1 795 2295; F: 06 1 795 0312; E: eqPiG5zVhMZbWFyaWEubWF0eWFzQGV1dGFmLmdvdi5odQ==)

Legal provisions


Community legislation

National legislation


Government decrees